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Trump’s Plan Will Tank Texas Economy

Nonpartisan report shows Trump’s economic plan would cause recession
Yesterday Moody’s Analytics released a damning report analyzing Donald Trump’s dangerous economic agenda. The report stated that a Trump presidency would cost millions of jobs, decrease the value of homes, and drive the United States into a recession.
The Moody’s report comes just weeks after the Dallas Morning News analyzed the Trump impact on Texas’ economy and found, according to Bill Hammond, of the Texas Association for Business, that Texas consumers “would bear the ultimate cost” of Trump’s dangerous trade plan. The conservative business leader stressed that the Texas business community is “apoplectic” toward Trump’s candidacy and that Trump’s incoherent anti-immigration plan would be “devastating to the U.S. economy, and especially to Texas.”

Moody’s Analysis: Trump’s plans would cause ‘lengthy recession,’ cost jobs

The Hill, 6/20/2016

Trump’s economic plan, and his many failed business ventures alone should worry Texans about the prospects of a Trump Presidency.  There are still worries around the lingering questions involving transactions between Trump and Greg Abbott where Trump University ripped off Texans for over $2.5 million, then Greg Abbott dropped a lawsuit to recover the money, followed by a $35,000 Trump contribution to Abbott’s campaign for Governor.  Finally, Abbott has endorsed Trump for President.

Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and other Republican office-holders who claim to have Texas’ best economic interests in mind, and promise to keep Texas’ economy ranked number one in job creation, owe Texas families an explanation.  It is irresponsible to support Trump or stay mum about his candidacy when Texas jobs and our economy are at stake.
Texas Republican leaders have a moral responsibility to either explain why they support an economic plan nonpartisan experts say is a disaster for the national and Texas economy, or they should find the courage to denounce Trump’s plan and withdraw their support for his presidency.  Make no mistake, supporting Donald Trump is a full endorsement of his dangerous economic policy.

The following state leaders must explain why they support a candidate and an economic plan that will hurt Texans and force the United States into a recession:

  • Governor Greg Abbott
  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
  • Congressman Will Hurd (CD-23)
  • State Rep. Kenneth Sheets (HD-107)
  • State Rep. Rodney Anderson (HD-105)
  • State Rep. Cindy Burkett (HD-113)
  • State Rep. Rick Galindo (HD-117)
  • State Rep. Gilbert Peña (HD-144)
  • State Rep. Sarah Davis (HD-134)
  • State Rep. Wayne Faircloth (HD-23)

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