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Statement on Congressional Redistricting

Today the San Antonio District Court ruled that Texas Republican leaders intentionally discriminated against minority Texans in the drawing of the 2013 Congressional maps and invalidated two Texas congressional districts.  Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle released the following statement:

“Today the Federal District Court in San Antonio ruled that Texas Republican leaders engaged in intentional discrimination and stated that the approach taken by Republicans in developing the 2013 congressional plan was an exercise in intentional discrimination.
The Court stated: “the racially discriminatory intent and effects that it previously found in the 2011 plans carry over into the 2013 plans where those district lines remain unchanged. The discriminatory taint was not removed by the Legislature’s enactment of the Court’s interim plans, because the Legislature engaged in no deliberative process to remove any such taint, and in fact intended any such taint to be maintained but be safe from remedy. The Legislature in 2013 intentionally furthered and continued the existing discrimination in the plans.”
“The court’s decision makes clear that intentional discrimination has become business as usual for Texas Republicans. They equate retaining leadership with discrimination and vote suppression.

“This ruling will require a remedial hearing to address the courts findings in Travis County (CD35) and in Corpus Christi (CD27). While today’s decision is narrow and will not require changes in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, it was a close call and we should expect these arguments to be renewed in a Supreme Court review.

“For the third time this year, the San Antonio district court has found that Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton and other Republican leaders have intentionally discriminated against minority Texans in the drawing of both Congressional and State House maps. And for the seventh time since just 2011, a federal court has found that Texas Republicans have intentionally discriminated against Texas citizens.”

Matt Angle is the Founder and Director of the Lone Star Project, a Democratic PAC. The Lone Star Project supports the Quesada Plaintiffs who are challenging the Texas congressional redistricting plan.


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