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Statement of Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle on U.S. Supreme Court Texas Redistricting Decision

It is important to keep today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on Texas redistricting in perspective.
The current maps are significantly better than those originally drawn by Texas Republican leaders due to the relentless efforts of minority advocates and their allies.  Congressional District 33 and several current state house districts now held by minority candidates of choice were originally drawn to undermine and discriminate against minority voters.  These districts are now held by Congressman Marc Veasey and outstanding state legislators who work honorably on behalf of all Texans.   

I am proud that the Lone Star Project was able to provide critical support to the Quesada Plaintiffs and other minority advocates who are helping to mitigate the damage Texas Republican leaders intend for growing Texas Hispanic and African American communities.

Make no mistake, today’s Supreme Court decision is disappointing and points to a lack of will to properly enforce basic voting rights.  Looking forward, turning to the courts should be our last resort.  Our first and most intense efforts must be to win key elections and return responsible leadership to legislative and statewide offices.  

Texas Republican leaders work with hostile intent to undermine and suppress African American and Hispanic voting strength in Texas.  Regardless of the findings by the Supreme Court today, the real world test reveals relentless efforts by Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and State House Republican leaders to hold and expand their power by robbing minority voters of their ability to influence elections.  
Current Texas Republicans have made the cowardly calculation that they would rather suppress and undermine minority voters than take even a half-step toward winning their trust and support.  They have forfeited all trust and any benefit of doubt.  To make constructive change, they must be replaced.

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