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Video: Craig Goldman Won’t Go

When asked to support a Special Session to address mass shootings and public safety, Republican Craig Goldman said “absolutely not.”

If you’re wondering if Republican Fort Worth State Representative Craig Goldman, HD-97, will take a common-sense, middle-ground approach in his highly competitive re-election race, he has given us the answer: “absolutely not.”

In a dismissive response captured on video, Goldman rejected even the notion of the State Legislature meeting in a special session to debate ideas to increase public safety and save lives. His dismissal comes in the aftermath of El Paso and other mass shootings where dozens of Texans have been killed.

Here’s the question and Goldman’s response:

Craig Goldman has made his choice

Every Texas Republican – especially those like Craig Goldman who are running in highly competitive districts where mainstream, non-ideological voters decide the outcome – must make a choice.

Do they embrace Donald Trump’s destructive, deceive-the-voters approach while refusing to stand up to the most extreme voices in the Republican Party? Or, do they find the courage to break with Trump, Dan Patrick and other off-the-edge partisan Republicans to address real problems?

Goldman has made his choice clear — he’s a full-blown, Trump Party Republican. Waiting until after the next mass shooting and dealing with the issue only after permission has been granted by Tea-Party Republicans in Austin will be too late.

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