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Greg Abbott is a Failed Governor – and it’s being noticed

Abbott is betting Texans will forget about the thousands of deaths he has caused and the damage he is doing to every Texan. He's wrong.

Across our state and country, Greg Abbott is being exposed and called out more harshly than any Texas Governor in modern history. Abbott is seen as far worse than an embarrassment — he is a danger.

From the 700 dying caused by his negligence during the February winter storm, to the over 57,000 Texans who have died due to his horrible mismanagement of the pandemic, Abbott’s body count has exposed him as a weak and failed governor, more concerned with his own personal political ambition than the people of Texas.

Poll finds highest-ever disapproval rating for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
Houston Chronicle / Sep. 2, 2021
“The poll also found that 52 percent of respondents said Texas was “headed in the wrong direction,” the highest such number it has posted.”

Texas’s governor pledges to try to ‘eliminate all rapists’ to prevent rape-related abortions
The Washington Post / Sep. 7, 2021
This is a misleading assertion, as the 19th News reported. In most cases, women won’t know that they are pregnant until at least the fourth week of their pregnancies, based on how pregnancy durations are calculated.

‘Where is Greg Abbott?’ Anger grows at Texas governor in deadly storm’s wake
The Washington Post / Feb. 21, 2021
“In each crisis, Abbott often carefully studied the situation — and its political ramifications — before taking action, usually demanding future legislative changes that may never happen. He is known to deliver different messages to the various constituencies in his state, all while trying to build a national profile as a conservative leader.”

We froze and Abbott got paid – $1 million from the billionaire profiteer of Texas’ deadly storm
Houston Chronicle / Aug. 1, 2021
“The most obvious return on his investment probably wouldn’t have cost Warren a cent. That’s the continued, gingerly treatment that the powerful natural gas industry traditionally enjoys from state government, including from the current governor.”

Energy industry showers Gov. Greg Abbott, other Texas politicians with campaign cash after they passed power grid bills
Texas Tribune / Aug. 4, 2021
“For some energy experts, the increase in donations for the officials at the close of the session looks like a reward for not passing more stringent regulations and raises questions about whether lawmakers let the oil, gas and the broader energy industry off easy for its massive failures.”

Amid a week of maddening COVID-19 missteps, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott makes the worst of them all
Dallas Morning News / Aug 3, 2021
“Long gone is the Greg Abbott who showed considerable political courage in the first months of COVID. Fearful of being out-flanked from the right in next year’s gubernatorial primary, he is doing what he must know is wrong for Texans because he desperately wants to win another term.”

You want tyranny? A war hero died because hospitals were full of COVID patients.
Houston Chronicle / Aug. 30, 2021
“COVID-19 is no phantom. It is real. It is deadly. But Governor Abbott apparently has no interest in counting the corpses, which number 55,000 in Texas. He’s too busy counting votes.”

Texas’ nursing shortage is costing lives, and Gov. Abbott let it happen
Houston Chronicle / Aug. 17, 2021
“When rural hospitals pleaded for a lifeline, our governor told them to get in line. That can’t happen again. The statewide nursing shortage is not a matter of politics or philosophical debates over local control. It’s a matter of life or death.”

Race to the top between Abbott and DeSantis is a race to the death for Texas and Florida as delta surges.
Houston Chronicle / Aug. 5, 2021
“If playing Russian roulette with people’s lives is good politics, then Abbott better pray he wins. If not, some of the very people he’s trying so hard to impress might not be around to vote for him when he needs them.”

Texas Governor Asks for COVID Help After Royally F–king Up Pandemic Response
Vanity Fair / Aug. 10, 2021
“As you’ve probably heard by now, Texas governor Greg Abbott has spent the last year and change doing everything in his power to turn his state into a COVID-infested hellhole. And lately, he’s been successful!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is literally fiddling while COVID-19 cases burn through overwhelmed hospitals
The Week / Aug. 13, 2021
“COVID-19’s Delta variant has sent Texas hospitals back to crisis levels not seen since the bad old days of late February, before vaccines were widely available. The state is averaging about 12,400 new cases a day. More than 10,000 Texans, mostly unvaccinated, have been hospitalized for COVID-19 this week — a 400 percent increase in the last month — and ICUs in at least 53 hospitals are full.”

Greg Abbott Surrenders to the Coronavirus
The Atlantic / Aug. 12, 2021
“Something is wrong when an extreme primary electorate has such a stranglehold on a state of 29 million people that a public official believes it is against his interest to take basic steps to keep his own constituents alive.”

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