LSP Director Matt Angle’s Statement on John Scott’s Appointment to be Texas’ Next Secretary of State

Greg Abbott's surrender to Donald Trump betrays every Texan.
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“Greg Abbott’s surrender to Donald Trump betrays every Texan.

With Greg Abbott’s latest pick for Texas Secretary of State, any doubt that Abbott hasn’t caved entirely to Donald Trump and conspiracy theorists can be quickly dismissed.

John Scott, Abbott’s pick to be the state’s next chief election administrator, gained notoriety by representing Donald Trump in court during the former president’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election results. Scott was also the state’s lead attorney in defending the initial Texas Voter ID bill which was overturned by federal courts as intentionally discriminatory and resulted in the awarding of millions of dollars in attorney’s fees to the plaintiffs. Now, Texas’ already chaotic Secretary of State’s Office will be headed by someone intent on paving the way for Trump’s “Big Lie.”

Scott comes after Abbott fired previous SOS Ruth Hughs for defending Texas’ 2020 election results, calling the cycle “smooth and secure.” Before Hughs, Abbott’s SOS David Whitley led a botched voter purge that threatened to kick nearly 100,000 legal voters off the voter rolls. The effort was such a mess that a federal judge said the effort exemplified the “power of government to strike fear and anxiety and to intimidate the least powerful among us.”

Greg Abbott is the weakest and most incompetent governor in modern Texas history. Abbott’s fealty to Trump knows no bounds. By appointing a known vote suppressor to oversee our elections, Abbott is knowingly putting Texas elections in jeopardy and our future at risk just to cruelly hang on to power.”

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