Video: MAGA Jack Cagle Has Always Been Dangerous

Cagle defended violent “Operation Rescue” protesters who destroyed property while terrorizing women, doctors, and police.
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Jack Cagle presents himself as a pothole-filling county commissioner and part-time thespian spouting homespun stories. But don’t buy the act. MAGA Jack Cagle is really a calculating politician and a cutthroat lawyer who embraces the most extreme elements in the Republican party and has defended some of the most dangerous threats to our society.

Lead Counsel for violent terrorist group “Operation Rescue”

Cagle served as a lead counsel for “Operation Rescue,” which is an anti-abortion organization that has engaged in terrorist activities including destruction of property and threats to women, their doctors, and police officers. The group was notoriously linked to the murder of a doctor who provided abortion services. 

Cagle represented members of Operation Rescue after the group engaged in a series of violent protests in Houston in 1992. The group threw rocks, bottles, and other objects. They threatened women, harassed police officers, and even threw acid with the intent to harm and destroy. Cagle’s co-counsel was Jay Sekulow, who would later serve as Donald Trump’s legal counsel and was in the White House January 6th while Trump-backed insurrectionists attacked the U.S. Capitol injuring at least 140 police officers and leading to the death of five.

Statement of Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

“Jack Cagle has always been MAGA Jack. Even 30 years ago, Cagle was working to undermine the basic of rights of Texans and justifying violence against women, their doctors, and police.”

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