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Statement: DeSantis Coming for Abbott’s Lunch Money

Statement from Lone Star Project Director, Matt Angle

“Greg Abbott better get both hands on his lunch money because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is coming to Texas to get it.

DeSantis’s planned trip to Texas is not just a shot across Abbott’s bow, it’s a humiliating show of disrespect. DeSantis is throwing a light on Abbott’s passive aggressive nature, tendency to react rather than act, and dither before deciding. He’s reminding every Texan that we’re stuck with a weak Governor who’s seen as no threat to the presidential ambitions of anyone. 

“And it’s not just MAGA Republicans like DeSantis dissing Greg Abbott. California Governor Gavin Newsom took great delight in belittling Abbott by saying he “doubles down on the stupid.”

“Other Republicans and their operatives know that Greg Abbott has gotten a lower percentage of the vote each time he’s stood for election as governor. They correctly see Texas voters as more resigned to Abbott than enthusiastic about him. If Abbott wants any Republican rivals to fear or even respect him, that ship has sailed.”

Contact:  Matt Angle

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