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Video: Dangerous Big Lie in Harris County

The MAGA Drumbeat in Houston Continues

Harris County has its own version of the Big Lie brewing. The same dangerous tactics that led up to January 6th Capitol insurrection are now being used by Republicans to try and overturn the will of Harris County voters.

Republicans in Harris County lost badly in the 2022 elections but instead of accepting the results and respecting the will of voters, they ramped up a dangerous campaign of lies that falsely claim the election was stolen.

Comprehensive Houston Chronicle investigation Found No Evidence of Voter Fraud.

Despite hard facts, local MAGA Republican leaders continue their anti-democratic outrage march with a dangerous solution in search of a problem. At what point do the protests, the bogus investigations, and the frivolous lawsuits turn into violent mobs?
So far, Republicans’ direct attacks on the 2022 Elections have included:

Phony MAGA Republican election claims are more than sour grapes and hyper-partisanship. The longer Harris County Republicans carry on their dishonest crusade, the clearer it becomes that they are on a course that could lead to the same type of violence we suffered during the attack on our nation’s Capitol.

Contact: Matt Angle

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