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Republican Cruelty and Corruption in Texas

Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick set moral and ethical standards lower than ever

Over the last twenty four hours, the standard for cruelty and corruption has been dramatically lowered by Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick. It’s hard to be more corrupt or abuse one’s office worse than Attorney General Ken Paxton, but the actions of the two highest-ranking officeholders in Texas meet and arguably exceed Paxton’s debasement. Abbott’s cruelty and Patrick’s corruption combined with Paxton’s criminality expose the real legacy of one-party Republican control in Texas. Morality, values, and the basic standards for decency, ethics, and the law have all been set aside.

Greg Abbott’s Order to Abuse Immigrants the ‘Definition of Evil’

Greg Abbott has exploited fear and hatred of immigrants for a decade, but he descended to an all-time low level of cruelty with the revelation that Texas State Troopers have been ordered to push back migrants, including small children, into the Rio Grande, as well as deny them access to water in the deadly Texas heat. The Abbott policy is nothing short of evil. The Dallas Morning News described a pregnant 19-year-old woman caught in razor wire while suffering a miscarriage.

As Governor, Greg Abbott controls the Department of Public Safety leadership. Rather than demand public service and professionalism, he coddles and enables dangerous and heartless incompetence. Abbott has abandoned any claim to value human life or basic human decency.

Is Dan Patrick’s Gag Order Quid Pro Quo After Taking $3 Million from Ken Paxton Defenders?

Heads were shaking after Dan Patrick issued a sweeping gag order justified by his position as the presiding Judge in the upcoming Senate trial of corrupt Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Patrick gave notice not just to legal counsel and every State Senator, but also to every State House Member even though they no longer have a role in the Paxton impeachment trial. Patrick’s missive was aggressive and meant to intimidate, even threatening jail time to duly elected Members for simply exercising free speech.

So why did Patrick move so aggressively to put a lid on public discussion of Paxton corruption? He took $1 million in a direct contribution and an additional $2 million loan from the Paxton-aligned Super PAC Defend Texas Liberty. It’s straight-line corruption. Defend Texas Liberty PAC is the most ardent defender of Ken Paxton. They ignore clear evidence of Paxton corruption to pressure and threaten Members of the Legislature who are working to hold him accountable. Patrick’s acceptance of $3 million from the PAC followed by his gag order is clearly designed to shield and insulate Paxton in an obvious Quid Pro Quo.

Statement from Lone Star Project Director, Matt Angle

“A memo essentially giving permission to drown families in the Rio Grande and taking $3 million from a Super PAC to fix an impeachment trial should be chapters in a bad novel. Unfortunately, they aren’t. It’s a fair description of policies and actions of Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick over just the last 24 hours. Texas Republicans have tolerated support from the most extreme and divisive elements in our society for a long time. Now Texas Republican leaders themselves openly engage in cruelty and depravity.”

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