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Important Tarrant County Democratic Primaries to Watch

Patrick Moses for Sheriff, Roderick Miles for County Commission, Constable Michael Campbell in Precinct 8

The importance of down-ballot county-level partisan candidates is often overlooked by analysts more focused on higher profile statewide, state legislative, and congressional races. Having strong Democratic nominees running for local offices – even in Democratic safe seats – is crucial to ensure good local leadership and help with the work needed to bolster Democrats running countywide or in highly competitive overlapping districts.

There are three key Democratic Primary races in Tarrant County where this dynamic is playing out. In these primary elections, one Democratic candidate is superior to the others in their ability to provide outstanding service AND do the hard work in the fall to give themselves the best chance to win while benefiting statewide, countywide, and other Democrats on the ballot.

County Sheriff – Democrat Patrick Moses

Patrick Moses is a law enforcement professional. He served as a supervisor within the Federal Protective Service under Homeland Security for over 30 years. Moses has been endorsed by both the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the Dallas Morning News. As the Morning News said in their endorsement, “Moses has robust experience managing a large organization,” and “…if either candidate can flip this office from red to blue, it’s Patrick Moses.” He brings strong leadership, management skills, a devotion to public safety, and passion for justice and fairness that contrast dramatically with the MAGA Republican extremist incumbent sheriff – Bill Waybourn. With Patrick Moses on the ballot, Democrats have a real chance to unload Waybourn and elect a new sheriff in Tarrant.

County Commissioner – Democrat Roderick Miles

Roderick Miles stands out among the four candidates running for the key County Commissioner Precinct 1 office. He has won the endorsement of the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and he is the ONLY candidate with significant county government experience. For a decade, he was the top aide to beloved County Commissioner Roy C. Brooks, who is retiring. Brooks has been key to the progress made by Democrats in recent years. Roderick Miles is, by far, the best Democratic candidate to fill Commissioner Brooks’ shoes on the Commission and to take up the torch to enthuse and turn out Democrats in the fall.

While the district is safely Democratic in the fall, strong Democratic turnout in its diverse neighborhoods is crucial to county-wide and statewide races. 

Constable Precinct 8 – Democratic Incumbent Michael Campbell

Incumbent Constable Michael Campbell is a trusted public servant skillfully serving the community for over 11 years. Precinct 8 is the most heavily Democratic JP/Constable district in Tarrant County. Constable Campbell exemplifies a trusted law enforcement leader who engages others and promotes activism. His opponent has a history of divisiveness and controversy that would downgrade service to the community and reflect poorly on other Democrats.

Whether you call it a linchpin or a bellwether county, over the past decade Tarrant has evolved from a safe Republican County to one at the partisan tipping point. Any Democrat running statewide must carry a solid majority in Tarrant to have a reasonable chance to win election. Their chances of doing so in 2024 will be improved if the candidates above are on the ballot with them in the fall.

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