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Priority Run-off Election: “Roderick is Ready”

“… Roderick Miles, who is currently a top assistant to Brooks, would be best positioned to hit the ground running.”Democratic Primary Endorsement (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Video: Roderick Miles has been there for all of Tarrant County

Commissioner Precinct 1 in Tarrant County is a diverse district that includes both traditional minority neighborhoods plus newer neighborhoods that are growing in both population and diversity. For the first time in over two decades, Precinct 1 will be represented by a new person. Current Commissioner Roy Brooks will leave a legacy of effective, forward thinking, families first advocacy that has resulted in improved healthcare, enhanced public safety, and more good jobs.

Commissioners Precinct 1 is a safe Democratic district, so the Democratic nominee is the almost certain new commissioner. Commissioner Brooks has made his choice crystal clear. He strongly backs Roderick Miles over Kathleen Hicks.

Commissioner Brooks is right. Roderick Miles is by far the person most knowledgeable about the district, most experienced in serving its neighborhoods, and the person who has been on the ground working to protect the policy interests and political needs of Precinct 1. For more than a decade, Roderick has served on the senior staff at the Commissioners Court demonstrating the expertise and leadership needed to sit on the Commissioners Court.

Commissioner Brooks says it best: “Roderick is Ready.”

Roderick Miles has earned the trust and respect of key leaders in Tarrant County. In addition to Commissioner Brooks, Roderick is endorsed by three Fort Worth City Council Members, two local mayors, prominent pastors, and beloved community leaders like Dr. Jennifer Giddings Brooks and the grandmother of Juneteenth, Opal Lee.

Dr. Jennifer Giddings Brooks says, “I think to have someone with 10 years experience in county government, will be an asset to the residents of Precinct 1.”

Watch endorsement videos and find out why the people you trust most support Roderick Miles

Roderick Miles shares the core values of Democrats in Commissioner District 1 and has demonstrated that he is the only candidate with the experience to:

  • Promote new jobs
  • Protect women’s health and expand county healthcare services
  • Advance commonsense gun safety to keep kids and families safe
  • Ensure justice at the County Jail
  • Fight the extremist MAGA county leadership who are attacking women’s health, abortion rights, and personal liberties
  • Keep our neighborhoods safe

Early voting for Texas primary elections begins today and ends on Friday, May 24th. Election Day in next Tuesday, May 28th

Tarrant County Early Voting Locations (May 20-24, 2024)
Tarrant County Election Day Voting Locations (May 28, 2024)

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