AG Abbott Steps Up Harassment and Suppression Efforts

Abbott Agents Caught Spying on Senior Citizen Lone Star Project Supports Legal Challenge to Abbott
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Earlier this summer, the Lone Star Project reported that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is using $1.5 million in federal grant funds to prosecute Texas citizens who help senior citizens apply for ballot applications and cast their vote by mail. Most of the Texans being prosecuted by Abbott are senior citizens, African American or Hispanic, and ALL are Democrats.
(Read the LSP Report HERE)

More recently, the Houston Chronicle wrote about Abbott’s controversial activity. (Read the Story Here) Abbott has turned up the heat by sending investigating agents to the homes of elderly citizens to interrogate them in person. There is now evidence that Abbott’s agents have moved beyond aggressive questioning and are employing more intimidating tactics.

Sworn Statement Details AG Agents Spying on Elderly Woman

According to the sworn statement of Ms. Gloria Meeks, a 69 year-old Fort Worth community activist, two of Abbott’s voter fraud agents came on to her property and looked into her bathroom window while she was unclothed and leaving the shower. Incredibly, the agents justified their privacy violation by explaining, that they thought they were peeping in the “kitchen window.” Read Gloria Meeks sworn statement HERE.

Vote Fraud Unit Ineffective and Biased

In Texas, an average of over 5 million votes has been cast in General Elections since 1998. Abbott’s task force has indicted only 13 individuals, involving fewer than 50 ballots, which represents less than one of every 100,000 ballots typically cast in Texas. The indictments do not involve massive, or even organized, voter fraud. 10 of Abbott’s 13 indictments do not even allege that an individual voter was defrauded. In these 10 instances, Abbott prosecuted individuals who appear to have done little more than mistakenly help senior citizens by delivering already completed and sealed ballots to the post office or an elections administration office.

Ballots Cast in Texas Elections

2004 General7,410,749
2002 General4,553,979
2000 General6,407,637
1998 General3,738,078
Averages Votes Cast in the Last 4 Elections5,527,611
Ballots in Question in all the AG Indictments50
Percentage of Ballots in Question.00000945

(Source: Secretary of State Election Returns, TX Attorney General Press Releases)

Racially and Politically Biased: Virtually all of those prosecuted are African American or Hispanic senior citizens with Democratic voting history. Most of these cases involve very elderly or disabled voters who depend on trusted friends to help them vote, and without whose assistance, they would have no way to cast a ballot at all.

Breakdown of Abbott’s 13 Indictments

Minorities Indicted
( Hispanics, 3 African Americans)

12 of 1392%
People over age 508 of 1362%
People over age 605 of 1338%
Democrats13 of 13100%

(Source: TX Attorney General Press Releases and Secretary of State Voting Records)

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