Will CD7 Challenger Wesley Hunt Break Alliance with County Official Who Said, ‘People Enjoy Floods?’

Hunt must break his alliance with out-of-touch GOP Commissioner Steve Radack.
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Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack set the bar for out-of-touch indifference in 2016 when he insulted a group of concerned Houston homeowners by saying that “people enjoy floods” and were looking to “cash in” to buy new cars and get homes remodeled. 

Now, Congressional District 7 challenger Wesley Hunt has compounded the insult by listing Radack as a host for a Hunt fundraising event to be held in Houston later this week.  Radack’s crass comments were no secret.  His remarks were prominently reported by local Houston media, so any claim by Hunt that he didn’t know about them is simply not credible.

Wesley Hunt’s early fundraiser is also an early test of character.  Will Hunt remove Radack from his host committee and return any money received, or will he stay hitched to a man who thinks “people enjoy floods?”

WATCH: Wesley Hunt Donor/Supporter, Steve Radack say “People Enjoy Floods”

Matt Angle, Lone Star Project Founder and Director, issued the following statement in response:

“District 7 families know first-hand that storms, high winds and flood waters destroy homes and claim lives.  Now, they deserve to know if Wesley Hunt has the character to reject money and support from local officials like Steve Radack who belittle and disrespect Houston families struggling to put their lives back together and overcome calamity.”

A copy of the fundraising invitation is below.

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