Greg Abbott May Be Subject to His Own Blackout

Abbott’s Embrace of Trumpism Puts Texas at Risk
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Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott rolled out another Trumpist charade. This time, it’s a barefaced effort to raise his profile among Big Lie media outlets and Trumper/Q-Anon/Proud Boy activists with the hope that it will lead to a presidential run.

Abbott’s haphazard announcement includes taking $250 million in Texans’ taxpayer dollars for an undefined border project that has no credible plan behind it or even a final price tag. His press conference mirrored other similar stunts Abbott has pulled over the last few years. Through all of it, he has failed to convince anyone that his act plays beyond the Red River.

Abbott’s Failures as Governor are Piling Up

While Abbott plans a pipedream presidency, his failures as governor continue to mount. Abbott’s dithering and reckless handling of the COVID-19 crisis killed thousands of Texans. His incompetence and slow response led to Texas power grid failures, leaving millions of Texans without electricity during Winter Storm Uri and causing hundreds of deaths.

Texans aren’t Fooled by Abbott’s Self-Serving Trump-Style Stunts

Greg Abbott’s refusal to govern responsibly has put our state at long term economic and public health risk and is making him unpopular – even among Republican primary voters. Recent polling shows that President Joe Biden is more popular than Greg Abbott in Texas. Texans know he is willing to do real damage to the economy and harm residents for the sake of his own political interests and aspirations.

The Dallas Morning News called out Abbott’s Trump-style stunt and said it shows he’s anything but serious about securing Texas. The Houston Chronicle points out that the state’s power grid is still not fixed even though Abbott has proclaimed otherwise. #AbbottFailedTexas began trending on social media because the public knows that he is lying—Texas residents have already experienced rolling blackouts this summer due to electricity shortages.

Abbott Incompetence is Leading Companies to Take a Pass on Texas

Abbott’s failure to secure a reliable energy infrastructure is hurting Texas economic development. Companies are taking a pass on locating here because they are worried about the reliability of the Texas power grid.

His pandering has laid bare his priorities. Abbott’s legislative agenda could have included solutions like delivering the $9 billion in available medical insurance for millions of Texans, building more roads, or lowering property taxes. Instead, he has pushed first and hardest on issues that make the cut on Fox News but do nothing substantive or constructive for Texans.

Texans are paying a price for Greg Abbott’s incompetence and presidential delusions. If Abbott stays focused on a futile presidential bid and continues to ignore real problems facing real Texas, he could face his own political blackout – sooner than he thinks.

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