Statement of Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle on Greg Abbott Contracting COVID19 Virus

No one is served by Abbott becoming sick. But it is fair to hope he can now better see his reckless indifference.
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Greg Abbott lives in a virtual bubble with the finest security, healthcare and overall protection that can be afforded to any Texan, yet Abbott has contracted COVID, confirming just how easily even the most insulated person can be exposed and infected.

Greg Abbott is not just our governor. He is a husband and a father too. No one is served by him becoming sick or worse. Contracting a deadly disease is no way to learn a hard lesson.

But, it is fair for us to hope that Governor Abbott can now better see that his reckless indifference to exposing kids, teachers, and parents to a disease that can kill is a horrible, deadly mistake, and he should reverse course.

Governor Abbott, rest and get well. And please stop threatening the lives of Texans who don’t have nearly the same access as you to the finest protection and the very best healthcare.

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